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p13: Grout

A patch designed for creating textures through granular synthesis.

You can load four audio files, and select specific sections of them to work with in the waveform box. Each has options for length of grains, how often grains are triggered, range of play rates, and the probability that a specific grain will be played backwards. The “routing” button opens a sixteen step sequencer that you can use to send grains through different effects. Each of the four modules can have up to 128 voices.


V. 1.2 update

-Ring mod and frequency shifter effects added

-filtering changed to be more managable

V. 1.16 update

-Mute button added

V. 1.15 update

-Output meters appear behind gain sliders

-Oscilloscope display now factors in location of gain slider

Planned: Perform no filter processing when frequency knobs are all the way up

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